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Strengths complement each other – almost two years after its integration into the BUTTING Group, the Bavarian family business

SCHWANNER is now operating under the new name "BUTTING CryoTech".

"We have made a name for ourselves in the field of cryogenics in recent years thanks to our strong pioneering spirit and our high

level of innovation for sustainable product solutions. But BUTTING is a brand that is known throughout the world. Our internationally operating

customers in particular appreciate the security, financial strength and clout we have as a member of the BUTTING Group. We now want

to express this clearly with our company name," says Marcel Bartels, Managing Director of BUTTING CryoTech.

Until now, Marcel Bartels has been responsible for the main business of BUTTING CryoTech together with Heike Hermann (Finance).

Dr Bernhard Reiter (Technology and Development) and Tobias Kain (Sales and Administration) joined the management team on

1 April 2023. They will manage the location operationally going forward.

In recent years, BUTTING CryoTech has increased its share of global projects in the field of cryotechnologies. We have seen a positive

upward trend in orders for projects from both the commercial vehicle industry and civil aviation. This has opened up many opportunities

and generated additional orders in further business areas – ranging from classic pipe manufacturing, new valve and coupling technologies

and plant engineering right through to the production of customised components.

"At BUTTING, product quality and customer satisfaction are top priorities, as is responsibility towards our own employees. Burgkirchen is

and will remain the headquarters of BUTTING CryoTech," says Tobias Kain, who has been working at this location for 15 years. He also promises

that "Our location will continue to grow. We will broaden our capacities and skills in the long term. This is how we continue to strengthen our region.

For this, we are looking for qualified personnel, who we can offer a future-proof, innovative job."

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Video #1: Standard vacuum insulated piping & cryogenic valves
Video #2: Largest vacuum insulated LNG-pipeline in the world

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BUTTING CryoTech, former SCHWANNER, was founded in 1899 as a traditional blacksmith in rural southeast Germany on the Austrian border. For over a century, the small firm has developed into a globally leading company in vacuumtechnology. Since 1984, BUTTING CryoTech has been producing vacuum insulated piping (VIP) for the transfer of cryogenic liquids (LNG, LH2, LO2, LN2, LHe, LAr) and entered the fabrication of cryogenic valves in 1990. With a production site in Burgkirchen, a wide variety of renowned companies in the oil & gas, automotive, and research sectors are supplied globally. BUTTING CryoTech enjoys great reputation, with product quality and customer satisfaction as the core principles. Besides production, the complete spectrum from engineering, material testing, installation, to documentation and service is covered.



Years vacuumtechnolgy

50 000

meters vacuum insulated piping (VIP)
since 1984

25 000

Cryogenic valves
since 1990

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Marcel Bartels

Managing Director

Tobias Kain

Managing Director

Dr. Bernhard Reiter

Managing Director


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