Vacuum insulated piping (VIP)for liquid natural gas (LNG)

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The product Maximum Efficiency

The cost efficient transport of liquid natural gas (LNG) requires transfer systems of much larger dimensions compared to all other common cryogenic liquids.

Our proprietary technology enables flow rates of > 200,000 ft3/h (6000 m3/h) at inner diameters up to 40" (DN1000), while ensuring a heat ingress < 2.5 W/m2.

To get insights into the LNG VIP production at our Bremerhaven workshop, watch our latest video (3 min).

Vacuum insulation High-tech engineering

With BUTTING CryoTech vacuumtechnology for your LNG projects, you will save money and time compared to conventional foam insulation.

The significanty lower heat ingress by a factor of 16 is only one factor. See the full set of benefits on the right side.

For further details on our vacuum insulated piping (VIP) for LNG, ask for the LNG VIP presentation at

Less steel structure

given smaller outer pipe diameter

Shorter installation time

given pre-fabricated insulation and supports

Reduced expansion loops

given own design

Longer lifetime

given corrosion-resistant materials

Less boil-off

given more effective insulation

The complete package Engineering - Fabrication - Documentation - Supervision - Maintenance

The engineering team in our Burgkirchen headquarter develops individual solutions in close interaction with the client for their respective LNG project.

Fabrication of the LNG pipeline takes place in our Bremerhaven workshop. The transfer system is manufactured in 100-130 ft (30-40 m) spools (incl. supports), fully vacuum insulated, and shipped directly from the harbor next door.

Comprehensive documentation of all steps is provided.

We also provide professional supervision on site by our highly skilled employees.

Upon request, we maintain vacuum insulated piping (VIP) (e.g. re-vacuuming).

ImpressionsThe World's Largest LNG Pipeline - Made by Schwanner


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