Vacuum insulated piping (VIP) for common cryogenic media

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The product The optimal solution for cryogenic liquids

Our vacuum insulated piping (VIP) combines vacuum and multi-layer insulation for minimal heat ingress and maximal efficiency to transport cryogenic liquids.

Integrated compensators, absorption material, and low conductivity spacers ensure safety and durability.

Since 1984 Schwanner has manufactured more than 50 000 m of VIP.
To get insights into the VIP production at our Burgkirchen workshop, watch our latest video (3 min).

Portfolio For a broad range of applications

BUTTING CryoTech's repertoire covers a plethora of applications. In addition to standard vacuum insulated piping (VIP), transfer systems for trailers (helium & hydrogen), hydrogen systems for the automotive industry, fueling systems for aerospace (hydrogen & oxygen), and tailor-made components (e.g. neon storage tanks) are core competencies.

Besides, we also offer engineering & design, comprehensive documentation, as well as installation and maintenance.

For further details on our standard vacuum insulated piping (VIP), ask for the standard VIP presentation at

All cryogenic media

Hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, helium, argon

The full spectrum of diameters

3/8" (DN10) to 20" (DN500)

Individually adjusted pressure grades

PN10 to PN83

Flexible or rigid connections

via plug-in or welded couplings

For the most confined spaces

Vakuum Insulated Tubes

ImpressionsA quick look behind the scenes


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